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Products and Services

Welcome to NEXOS.CS, your partner for consulting and services in the age of the “factory of the future”. Our mission is to accompany companies on their way to digital transformation and to unlock new potential.

  1. Digitalization Strategy: Development of strategies for the introduction of digital technologies and processes in manufacturing.

  2. Digital Twin and Simulation: Services for creating digital replicas of production facilities for simulation and process optimization.

  3. IoT Integration and Connectivity: Consultation on implementing IoT devices and connecting machinery and equipment.

  4. Data Analytics and Big Data: Services for data collection and analysis to gain valuable insights into the production process.

  5. Automation and Robotics Consulting: Support for selecting and implementing robotics solutions and automated manufacturing processes.

  6. Energy Efficiency Consulting: Services to optimize energy consumption and implement sustainable solutions.

  7. Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma: Consultation for reducing waste and improving efficiency in production.

  8. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Consulting: Services to ensure the security and integrity of interconnected systems.

  9. Process Optimization and Workflow Management: Consultation on designing and optimizing workflows in the Factory of the Future.

  10. Innovation Management and Research Funding: Services for identifying innovation opportunities and assistance in obtaining research funding.

  11. Change Management and Training: Consulting on managing cultural changes within an organization and training employees in new technologies and processes.

  12. Sustainability Consulting: Services for integrating environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into production.

At NEXOS.CS we value tailor-made solutions and innovation. We are ready to shape the future of production together with you and make your factory fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

Discover the potential of the "factory of the future" with NEXOS.CS and contact us today to find out more about how our services can lead your company on the path to digitalization and automation.